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pizone - Raspberry Pi based Nintendo Zone access point

I have just released a project called pizone that uses a Raspberry PI, along with some NodeJS code to create a customer Nintendo Zone access point. This allows you to connect your Nintendo 3DS to the point, and get Spot and Street Passes (along with other game specific items) from players around the world.

You can see a quick video here:

Features include:

Basically, it uses a Raspberry PI with a USB wifi dongle to create a wifi access point. The pizone software (mostly written in JavaScript / node) then loops through a list of Nintendo Zone access point addresses every 10 minutes, giving you Street Pass contacts for anyone else using or visiting that access point (as well as Spot Pass content).

I actually did most of the work about two years ago over Christmas break, but never got around to posting or releasing the code until today. It is released under a BSD license, and you can grab everything over on the project’s github page.

Im not actively developing it, although if there is interest, then Ill try and make some better install docs. If you have any questions, need help running, or want to fork the code, then just post in the comments, or over on the project’s page on github.

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