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Ascension Application and Source Released

Well, I know it took forever, but I have finally released the source and an AIR file for Ascension, an Apollo based mp3 player and music explorer. You can download the latest AIR file, as well as grab the source, log bugs, and discuss the player from the Ascension project page at Google Code.

All of the source is included, and is released under an open source license.

I am sorry it took so long to release, but I am usually reluctant to release source code that I feel needs more work. Ascension was one of the first Apollo applications, and as such, has under gone a lot of changes since I first built it. Because of this, the code does need some refactoring, but I figured that in general, it was more valuable to everyone if I released the source now.

If you are interested working on the Ascension project, then please join the Ascension mailing list. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, including refactoring, adding direct mp3 support, new windowing modes, new design, and writing documentation.

If you run into any bugs, or have feature requests, please make sure to log them.

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