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flashcommand Flash command line compiler for OS X

I have built an OS X version of my FlashCommand command line compiler for Flash MX 2004. This uses the Flash MX 2004 extensibility layer to allow you to compile Flash files (FLA) from the command line.

It has a ton of options, and will also catch and redirect any ActionScript compile errors to stdout.

Update : I have moved the source and downloads to its own Google Code project which can be found here.

Here is the usage info:

usage: flashcommand -e | -c | -p \[-v] [-x\] (-s <sourcefile>) ([-o] <exportpath>) ([-t] <timeout>)([-d] <tempdir>) [-j]

Options and arguments:

-a : Prints version and about information.
-c : Specifies save and compact action.
-d : Specifies temp directory that will be used for temporary files. Optional.
-e : Specifies export action.
-h : Prints usage information.
-j : Specifies that the generated JSFL file should be printed. If this option is specified, Flash will not be executed.
-o : Specifies the output file if -e flag is also set. Optional. If not specified, file will be output to same directory as source.
-p : Specifies publish action.
-s : Specifies source file. Required.
-t : Specifies timeout value. Optional.
-v : Specifies verbose mode. Optional.
-x : Specifies whether Flash should be closed after it is done processing. Optional.

Requires that python is installed on your system.

To install, download the file and copy the flashcommand file to somewhere within your path. Make sure to make it executable by running the following command:

chmod 755 flashcommand

If you find any bugs, or have questions or suggestions, then post them log an issue on the project page.

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