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Rich Runtime Supported Platforms Matrix

Below is a matrix that shows supported runtimes for Rich Runtime browser plugins. The matrix compares the latest versions of runtimes, which are supported by the companies that create them.

The runtimes covered include:

Information is obtained from the runtime’s websites (linked below).

A green box indicates that the runtime is supported on the specified platform, while a red box indicates the runtime is not supported and / or not available for the specified platform.

Adobe Flash Player 10 Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 JavaFX 1.2 *(1)
Windows Vista Yes Yes Yes
Windows XP Yes Yes Yes
Windows 2003 Yes No Yes
Windows ME No No Yes
Windows 98 No No Yes
Mac OS Intel Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS PPC Yes No Yes
Linux Yes No No
Solaris 10 Yes No No
(1) Requires Java 1.5

Updated : to correct information on Flash Player support for Windows 98 and Windows ME.


If you find any errors or ommisions, please post them in the comments.

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