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Monitoring File Changes in Adobe AIR

I have just uploaded a new class to the as3corelib library that makes it easy to monitor files for changes.

The class is called FileMonitor, and is in the com.adobe.air.filesystem package. Here is a simple example of it in use:

import com.adobe.air.filesystem.FileMonitor;
import flash.filesystem.File;
import flash.events.Event;
import com.adobe.air.filesystem.events.FileMonitorEvent;

private var monitor:FileMonitor;

private function onSelectButtonClick():void
	var f:File = File.desktopDirectory;
	f.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onFileSelect);
	f.browseForOpen("Select a File to Watch.");

private function onFileSelect(e:Event):void
	var file:File = File(e.target);

		monitor = new FileMonitor();
		monitor.addEventListener(FileMonitorEvent.CHANGE, onFileChange);
		monitor.addEventListener(FileMonitorEvent.MOVE, onFileMove);
		monitor.addEventListener(FileMonitorEvent.CREATE, onFileCreate);

	monitor.file = file;

private function onFileChange(e:FileMonitorEvent):void
	trace("file was changed");

private function onFileMove(e:FileMonitorEvent):void
	trace("file was moved");

private function onFileCreate(e:FileMonitorEvent):void
	trace("file was created");

Note that the class broadcasts three events:

The new classes are not yet in the as3corelib builds, but if you want to play with them, you can grab them from the project source.

Note, that I am working on updating the unit tests for the library, so if you run the test runner from source, some of the tests will fail. This should be fixed in a couple of days.

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