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Is ActionScript 2 Development Faster than ActionScript 3 Development?

I got a ton of feedback in response to my question about the continued use of ActionScript 1 and 2. One thing that consistently came up was that some felt that it was faster to develop within ActionScript 2 than 3. However, it wasn’t clear from the commenters if this was because they already knew ActionScript 2 and were not as comfortable with AS3, or if there were things that were just harder / more tedious in ActionScript 3.

So, my next question is : do you think ActionScript 2 development is faster than ActionScript 3 development? If yes, do you know ActionScript 3 already? Can you give specific examples of things that you feel are faster / easier in ActionScript 2 (for example, playing a sound, or working with events)?

Post any input in the comments.

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