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Heading to Europe / eboy AIR Launch postcard

Just a quick reminder, but I will be heading across the Atlantic in a couple of weeks for the first leg of the European on AIR Tour. The event is free and I will be doing a session showing how to build your first AIR application with Flex.

As I just posted on the tour weblog, registration has been going well (London leads the way), with a couple of the cities getting close to selling out.

I really appreciate everyone who has been helping to get the word out about the tour. We really rely on word of mouth for this, and the response has been great. As a token of thanks for blogging about the tour, Ill send out an Adobe AIR launch postcard (designed by eboy).

Just blog about the tour and post a link to the blog post in the comments, and then send an email to me (mesh@adobe.com) with the subject of “launch postcard” and make sure to include your mailing address.

Bonus points if your post is in French, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, German, Polish, Czech or Italian. If your blog post is in one of those languages, Ill include a couple of AIR sticker with the postcard.

See you in Europe.

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