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Adobe AIR 1.0 - Thank You

Well, as I am sure everyone has seen, we have released Adobe AIR 1.0 (along with a ton of other updates, including Flex 3 and Flex Builder 3). I will post more about this tomorrow, but wanted to make a quick post here and thank everyone in the development community who has helped shape the runtime.

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I don’t think there is another product that we have been so open about, from such an early stage. We began talking to developers about it nearly a year and a half ago, and released an alpha, and 3 betas to the public. All of this was to let you know what we were working on, but more importantly, to let you help point us in the right direction. So, from the entire AIR team, thank you.

You can find more on Adobe AIR 1.0 here.

Also, don’t forget, but if you are in Europe and want to learn more about Adobe AIR, then register for the free on AIR event here.

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