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Hitting the Road Again

Well, now that I have finally recovered from leg two of the on AIR Bus tour, it is time to hit the road again for a marathon tour of the East coast and Midwest.

First up is FlashForward in Boston this week. I am really excited about this conference, as for various reasons, I haven’t been to the past couple of Flash Forwards. In addition to getting to see and hang out with all of my friends, I am presenting a session titled On the Road with Adobe AIR, in which I will be deconstructing some of the AIR applications that we use to power the bus tour.

There are a number of other AIR related sessions, including:

Of course, you can imagine that there might also be a mention or two about Adobe AIR during Kevin Lynch’s Keynote.

The on AIR tour bus will actually be picking us up in Boston on Friday night to take us down to New York city to start the tour. We will be hitting New York City, Toronto, Minneapolis, and Chicago for AIR Camp events.

I am really excited about the New York trip, because Halo 3 comes out on Midnight, Monday night. We will be waiting in line at the Best Buy on 5th Avenue, and then will be getting on the bus afterwards to head to Toronto (I don’t plan to sleep much that night).

Finally, the bus tour will end up in Chicago and the Adobe MAX conference. The bus will actually be parked in the venue, and we will open it up during one of the parties. I haven’t posted about it much this summer, but MAX is going to rock. Ted Patrick has been leading the charge on it, and I can honestly say that this is by far the most excited I have ever been about MAX.

Anyways, if you are at any of the events over the next couple of weeks, make sure to say hi.

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