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My First Numbers Station

Shortwave reception has been very poor lately, mostly due to a broken streetlight that is causing massive interference with my receiver, so I have really only been able to listen to major stations, and haven’t been able to try to find any far off stations or other stuff. However, last night when I was doing a scan of the frequencies, I came across a very strong numbers station broadcast. This is my first numbers station since I have gotten back into Shortwave.

Here are the details:

December 30, 2006 - 0941 UTC - 0945z 9040z Khz. Female repeating a set of numbers in Spanish. SIO : 434

Luckily, I had just set up an old mac to record audio from my shortwave, so I was able to record everything I heard.

Listen to Numbers station, Female in Spanish

I haven’t had a chance to write down the number sequence just yet, but will try to a little later and update the post. If anyone does it before then, or has any more information on the broadcast, please post in the comments.

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