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QSL Logging Templates

I have been trying to find a good template of a QSL Log page, that I could print out to make it easier to keep track of logging the stations that I pick up on shortwave. I know that there are plenty of good computer programs that handle this, but 1) my receiver is not near my computer, so I have to use pen and paper, 2) one of the reasons I am playing around with shortwave is to get away from my computer.

After much searching on google, I wasn’t able to find any templates that I cared for (in fact, I only found one with some help from rec.radio.shortwave). I did find one brand of log books for sale, but didn’t feel like waiting for them to get delivered. So, I just ended up making my own, which I can print double sided and put in a three ring binder.

I am posting them here in case anyone else has a use for them.

Multiple Logs Per Page

One Log Per Page

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