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Why I don't use Windows Media Video

Earlier this week, Robert Scoble wrote up why he thinks that the use of Flash is a bad idea. I thought I would provide my thoughts on that post.

Why don’t I use Windows Media Video for my Web sites?

I have a brand new OS X Mac Book Pro machine. Loaded Safari on it. And visited Scoble’s site to watch an interview with him.

This is what it looked like. Now, if a “normal" person (non geek) hit this site, what would they do? I’ll tell you what they’ll do. They’ll hit back and get out of there. Note the title tag. Failed to open page? I click that little green back button and leave before I get hurt. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

Lesson: always recognize poor implementations of technology, before you make sweeping generalizations about a technology based on that implementation.

(This applies to pretty much any technology).

(btw, I agree with Scoble that that particular use and implementation was poor. I do not agree with his assumption that that thus means all use of Flash is bad).

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