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WebDU 2006 Keynote

I am at WebDU in Sydney all week. This is consistently one of my favorite conferences in the year, and this year’s conference looks like it might be the best yet.

I gave the opening keynote this morning, which was a lot of fun, and a real honor for me. I spoke about Macromedia and Adobe joining together, and how I am excited about the opportunities it presents for the Flash Platform.

At Macromedia we always had a clear vision of where we wanted to take the platform, and what we needed to do to get there. We simply did not have all of the resources we needed to act as quickly on the vision as we needed to.

Joining up with Adobe means that the combined company now has the resources to take the Flash Platform to the next level, and create THE platform for creating next generation, cross platform rich applications and content.

This was the key theme of the keynote, and we covered the following:

Anyways, it was a lot of fun and seemed to go well. I will be here the rest of the week (in a session on User Experience right now) hanging out in sessions or in the xbox room (Halo anyone?). Make sure to say hi.

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