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Announcing Macromedia Labs

Just a quick note before I head off to MAX, but as I am sure everyone has seen, we just launched Macromedia Labs.

Basically, labs allows ANYONE to get access to early builds and information of technology we are working on. Labs launches with downloads and information for the following Alpha technologies:

Yes. That is correct. You can download and play with everything right now! Just remember, that this is alpha quality code. Not all features have been implemented, and you will almost certainly run into issues and bugs.

Labs also includes a wiki that contains tons of info, FAQs, tutorials, examples and other resources. The content on the wiki may not be as polished as content in the docs, or on other sections of the site, but we felt the advantages of getting the info out faster would out weight it not being as polished.

Note that right now the wiki cannot be edited by the public, but we will be opening up (in the next day or two) some of the pages for general editing (most likely starting with the FAQs). The plan is to slowly open up more and more pages over the next couple of weeks. Ill post more on the wiki later.

You can download all of the alphas, as well as visit labs here.

You can visit the wiki here.

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