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European Flash Conference in Amsterdam this November

I am so excited that this is finally happening. United Digital Artists, one of the two companies that have put on all of the past FlashForward conferences is launching a new Flash conference in Europe. I have been working with UDA behind the scenes to help make this happen, and it is shaping up to be a killer conference.

First, here are the details.

November 16 - 18 in Amsterdam (at the really cool Paradiso)

There is a partial list of confirmed speakers on the conference website, and looking at the list, it is clear that this is truly a European conference:

The timing for the conference could not be better, since it is just after the Flash 8 launch, and right after MAX (which means there will be some very cool stuff to show / talk about).

Anyways, I’ll be there, and I think this is a must attend conference if you are in Europe. I know the UDA people want to make this a regular conference, so hopefully this is the start of a regular event in Europe.

I expect that this will sell out quickly, so make sure to register as soon as possible.

You can visit the conference website here.

You can register for the conference here.

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