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New Contest : Flash / ColdFusion Based Halo 2 Application

As you probably know by now by all of the posts in the community, Microsoft has released Halo 2 for the Xbox this week. One of the things that is really cool is how they are linking online stats to the Bungie website, and even providing RSS feeds of data for individual user stats (for example, here is a RSS feed of my Halo 2 online stats).

So, since since it looks like a lot of people in the Flash community are playing Halo 2, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for a new contest. So, here it is:

The contest is for the best application that uses game stat information from the Halo website. Here are the rules. The entry:

-Has to be a Flash and/or ColdFusion based application (Flex apps included)
-Has to be based on dynamic data from the halo site (such as the player RSS feeds)
-Has to be deployed on a public website and be publicly accessible

The contest ends at 5PM PST (-8 UTC) on Friday, December 3 (Note, the deadline was extended 2 weeks to December 3). It is open to anyone, except Macromedia employee. Here are what the winners will get:

-1st Place : Flash Timbuktu Messenger bag (these rock!), Flash Hat, Flash T-shirt and assorted Flash books
-2nd Place : Flash Hat, Flash T-shirt, and assorted Flash Books
-3rd Place : Flash T-shirt and assorted Flash books

You can find information on the Halo 2 RSS user feeds here (scroll down to section 6.6).

Update [Nov 19, 2004] : Kevin Hoyt has posted some ColdFusion code for parsing the RSS feeds. You can find more info here.

To submit your entries, post the URL to your app in the comments section.

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