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Ellipsis Article translated into 8 more languages

Just a quick note that my “What is the significance of Ellipsis” article has now been translated to quite a few languages. Here is what I wrote about the article in an earlier post:

While I think Ellipsis as an update to Flash is huge, I think it takes on an even greater significance when you look at it in the context of other things that have been going on at Macromedia and on the Flash team. I wrote an article on just this subject, and if you have the time, I highly recommend reading it. Hopefully it will help give a glimpse into how we are thinking of things, how Ellipsis fits into the context of all of the recent changes, and how it relates to 8Ball (next full version of Flash).

Here are the articles:

If you happen to speak one or more of the languages above, please help forward the relevant link through the respective communities.

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