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SE|PY : Python : Editing ActionScript on OS X

I made the switch from Windows to OS X about 3 months ago. I have absolutely loved it and have not had any problems except for one thing. I have not been able to find a good editor to write ActionScript code.

I had been using JEdit, but it is a little to slow and a little too Java for my liking. The other night, I came across the SE|PY editor project.

This is an ActionScript editor written in Python that has an impressive array of features specific to ActionScript. You can download the binaries for Windows, but as of yet there is no support for OS X.

A couple of developers have worked to get it running on OS X, and have had some success. It appears that a lot of the issues simply have to do with path issues (due to differences between Windows and OS X).

So, I downloaded the source, took a crash corse in Python, and began hacking away (all today). To my surprise, I actually got it to run and load an ActionScript file.

It is still not usable, but it has definitely raised my spirits. So, if you know Python, use a Mac, and want to help get the editor running, head over to the project’s site and sign up.

Btw, here is the change I made to WindowsProjects.py to get it to run (added this else to the first if / else statement):

        ico = wxIcon(os.path.normpath('%s/icons/%s.ico' % (path, 'file')),wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO,16,16)

You can find more info on SE|PY here.

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