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FlashForward Day 1 update

FlashForward is in full swing, and even though I have had to spend time working on some projects, things have been a blast as usual. Last night I hung out at a reception for speakers and film festival judges, and got to chat with a bunch of people (Branden Hall, Sam Wan, Grant Skinner, Claus Wahlers, Greg Burch, Josh Dura, Danny Dura, etc…).

I haven’t had a chance to spend much time in any sessions today (although I did peak into Robert Reinhardt’s session on Flash Communication server). However, I have heard some interesting info about some of the vendors (cross platform third party projectors?). Ill post more info when I confirm things.

I am about to head down to some more sessions, and am going to try to hang around at the book signing this evening (although I have to do some rehearsals tonight). I will try to post some pictures soon, and will post more frequent updates tomorrow (since I will be able to actually attend some sessions).

You can keep up with weblog posts from the conference at the Flash section of MXNA.

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