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Introducing Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions

Today we announced Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions. There are two levels of DevNet subscriptions: DevNet Professional and DevNet Essentials. DevNet Essentials is a yearlong subscription to the DevNet Resource Kit (formerly Developer Resource Kit) and includes four DRKs a year. DevNet Pro is a software subscription service consisting of Macromedia MX tools, servers, and DevNet Essentials. Both levels include access to a personalized subscriber portal where you can manage your license(s) and download the latest software, servers, DRKs, and upgrades based on your subscription level.

We have a ton of resource and information on DevNet Subscriptions:

DevNet Product Page

DevNet (formerly DesDev) Center

I really think this is an awesome service (you can read my article about it here), which will save time, hassle and money.

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