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Welcome to the new home of mesh on mx

As you can see, my weblog has a new server, url, and most noticeably, a new look. Thanks to Josh Dura who put together this kick ass design for my site.

When linking to the main page of this site, please use this URL:


The domain name will probably change soon, and that URL will always redirect to the current site.

So why a new server and blogging tool? The main reason I moved is that by using MovableType on my own server, I have complete control over virtually everything. For example, I am deploying the pages as ColdFusion templates, which will allow us to do some pretty cool stuff. I will also be able to install Flash Communication Server and use Flash Remoting.

Expect to see some pretty cool stuff in the coming weeks. Not just on this weblog, but from Macromedia weblogs in general.

I am still working out a few kinks, so if you run into any problems or broken links, post them in the comments.

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