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HOWTO : Streaming XBOX to the Flash Player via Flash Communication Server

Some time ago I had done a simple experiment with the Flash Communication Server and my Xbox. I broadcast myself playing SSX Tricky, and Halo to about 50 people via the Flash Communication Server and Flash player. I have had a couple of requests to explain my hardware setup, so here it is.

It is actually pretty simple, and consisted of:

XBox -> (RCA Cable) -> Sony Mini DV -> (firewire) -> Mac iMac — > Flash Player

The Flash Player recognizes the Mini DV as a camera and uses it like a webcam.

I set the Mini DV to VCR and then just started playing the XBox. The Mini DV basically acts as a bridge between the XBox and Flash player.

If you have any questions or would like some more info, post your questions in the comments.

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