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DevCon Day 1 : Pre-Keynote

Just wanted to give a heads up that I will be blogging the keynote in real-time. My plan is to publish my notes live during the keynote, and then afterwords go back and clean them up. So if you couldn’t make DevCon, you can find out what we are talking about right away. If i have a chance, I’ll try to do a video blog (vlog?) of part of the keynote.

Also, I will be posting all of the DevCon related into in the DevCon section of my weblog. I don’t believe I will be pushing all of those updates on the main page.

You can find the DevCon section here.

Btw, you can find some more DevCon coverage at JD’s site, as well as vernon’s, matt’s, sean’s and jeremy’s weblogs.

BTW2, I will doing some video reports, so if there is anyone you want to hear from, or have any questions for anyone, post them in the comments.

BTW3, the Designer and Developer center will be posting highlights on the main page of DevCon weblog coverage.

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