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Learning to build Applications with Flash MX

I got an email this morning from someone asking me the best way to learn how to build applications with Flash MX. I thought I would post the response here.

First I would recommend getting a copy of ActionScript The Definitive Guide, by Colin Moock (O’Reilly). You don’t have to read the entire thing (although it won’t hurt), but it is an invaluable resource. (Also keep an eye out for Branden Hall’s and Sam Wan’s book).

I would then check out the The Flash MX Application Developer Center. There are some great articles there, included one that goes through building an Address book application.

I would then spend a couple of days going over those resources, and trying to learn what is going on. If you are completely new to Flash (but not to programming), it will take you a day or two, but it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

I would then start building some apps, really small at first, and then larger and more complex. If you have any questions, i recommend that you ask on the FlashCoders lmai list.

If you have any other suggestions post them in the comments.

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