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Home from Flash Forward

I just got home from Flash Forward. I was pretty busy at this one and didn’t get to hang around with everyone as much i would have liked though. Branden Hall, Christian Cantrell and I all rode the train back from new York to DC. We had a contest to see who could make the coolest thing with the drawing API on the train ride back. Branden won (surprise). Actually, he won first, second and third place. He built a Flash movie that wrote some of the code for his main flash movie (showoff). Oh yeah, I made a little worm, ill post it if i get time (nothing too exciting).

Update, Branden has posted his entry, as did Christian, and here is mine (now you can see why i spend most of my flash time doing client / server stuff ; )).

ok, its late. I’ll post more tomorrow and wrap up the Flash Forward stuff.

Oh yeah, the next FlashForward will be in San Francisco in the Spring.

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