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ANN : New Flash Player Available : 6,0,29,0

We have released a new version of the Macromedia Flash Player 6 for all web platforms.

The new player is 6,0,29,0 and is available from:


The new player fixes the following issues:

  1. Interrupting of loading media into player does not halt, rather queues and loads entire file.
  2. LoadSound continues to download even though the object is stopped, unloaded, or deleted
  3. When an event sound is playing and the sound object gets deleted, the sound still plays even though there are no more references to the sound object.
  4. Large Media (video, MP3) causes Flash Player to lock up.

For information on how to ensure that your users have the latest version, check out the technote at:

We realize that the community has been waiting sometime for this new release, and we apologize the delay. The issues were much more significant than we initially thought. Finally, we would like to thank the Flash community for bringing the issue to our attention, helping us test the new player, and most of all for their patience.

Update : We will be releasing new standalone and debug players, but do not have an ETA. The streaming issue only affected ActiveX players on Windows.

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