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Interview with Jeremy Allaire : Part 2

On a Future Macromedia Communications Server:

We’ll be introducing a new communications server later this year. It’s codenamed Tincan, and it allows you to build these communications applications.

You can do real-time shared audio and video. You can do real-time shared text. But more importantly you can do what’s called shared objects. Shared objects allow you take any object in a client in your application, a data object, or a user-interface object, and share that across a connected client. So I could have a collaborative application where multiple users are interacting with the data and the user interface. They may also be doing communications, they may also be speaking to one another and so on, but they may just be collaboratively interacting with a user interface and the data in it.

Lots of other interesting information in the interview including, Soap and WDDX, Soap interoperability issues, and ColdFusion MX and .NET.


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