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Custom Generator Object : Advanced Data Source

Advanced Data Source Object

This object allows you to use any Comma Separated Value file (including Generator data sources) as a data source.

It also adds the following features and functionality:

  1. The ability to add or replace column headers to the data source.
  2. The ability to filter the data based on a column name and value.
  3. The ability to sort the data source, and to define your own sorting rules (in any language).
  4. The ability to limit the number of rows of data returned.
  5. The ability to define the name and value of an additional column (useful if you need to add a ‘clip’ column).
  6. The ability to insert an additional column whose value is the index of the current row of data.

The object adds a large amount of logic to Generator allowing it to manipulate its data. In some cases this object will replace middle ware currently necessary to filter and sort Generator data.

Furthermore, it allows you to use non-Generator data sources as a Generator data source (such as Excel spreadsheets, and Outlook address books).

You can download the object from here.

See the documentation for more information. There is also a simple demo FLA installed with the object.

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