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Custom Generator Object : Insert Flash Variables

The Insert Flash Variables object allows users to use Generator to dynamically insert flash 4 arrays into a Flash movie.

Users can then use this object in place of middle ware to dynamically pull data into their movies on the client side.

This has the benefits of not requiring the user to have to know a middle ware language, providing the ability to completely work within the Flash / Generator authoring environment, and the ease of loading and working with Flash data structures (Flash 4 arrays). Plus if you data does not change often, then you can use this object instead of having to do a load variables every time.

Here is an example of how the object works (taken from the documentation):

Here is an example of a data source:

variable1, variable2
foo1, bar1
foo2, bar 2

The Insert Flash Variables object then creates the following Flash variables:

variable1_0 = foo1
variable1_1 = foo2
variable2_0 = bar1
variable2_1 = bar2
length = 2

To make sure that the object is working and is creating the correct Flash variables, test your movie, and then select Debug > List Variables.

The object can be download from the Flash Exchange here.

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