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Dynamically specifying font parameters with Generator

Generator will not allow you to dynamically specify font attributes such as Font Size, spacing, and Face. However, it is possible to to do this with a couple of workarounds.

The first is to use nested movie clips, and the insert symbol command to determine you font attributes.

This is discussed in detail in the following technote :

Dynamically assigning type faces to Generator variables

However, if you want to allow the users a lot of options, then this method quickly becomes tedious.

The second option is to use the HTML capabilities of Flash 5 with the data access capabilities of Generator.

This technique is discussed in more detail in the following tip of the day:

Dynamically Loading HTML with Generator

The third option, and probably the most flexible, is to use the Insert Text custom object to dynamically insert you text. The object allows you to specify just about every font setting.

You can download the Insert Text Object from the Macromedia Exchange at :


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