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Results from AS3 Development Task Contest #1

Monday, November 16, 2009

I have just completed running all of the performance tests for the ActionScript 3 Development Task Contest #1.

The result below are tentative until I have confirmed that the code follows the rules (and spirit) of the contest. If you see any issues with any of the top 5 submissions, please post them in the comments. You can view all of the entries in the contest’s GitHub repository.

Here are the results:

You can download the raw results in CSV format from here, or view them on google docs here.

All examples were compiled with MXMLC from the Flex SDK 3.4 (Version 3.4.0 build 9271), with the following command:

mxmlc --target-player=10.0.0 -compiler.source-path ~/src/PerformanceTest/ -- TestRunner.as

Results were obtained by running TestRunner.as. TestRunner.as ran each test 300 times per run. The TestRunner was run a total of 5 times (with the SWF reloaded each time).

Test were run in Safari Version 4.0.4 (6531.21.10) on Mac 10.6.2 in Flash Player 10,0,32,18 (regular). The Mac was a MacPro 2 x 3 GHZ Quad Core Intel Xeon with 8 GB RAM.

I will finalize results and announce the winner either late tonight, on Wednesday (I am traveling on Tuesday). Check back here for updated information, or follow my twitter account at @mesh. I will be awarding prizes to multiple submissions.

UPDATE : (November 17th, 2009) : I am declaring the entries final. Arnaud Gatouillat is the overall winner, and wins Flex Builder, a tshirt, etc… In addition, given some of the great results that we got from the submissions, I am also going to award a prize (their choice of a tshirt from threadless.org) to the next 3 top entries, which include Grant Skinner, Jim Cheng, and Jean Phillipp Auclair. If you are one of the top four entries, please email me at mesh@adobe.com and we will work out the details.

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