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Rich Runtime Install Sizes Matrix

Monday, March 30, 2009

I have put together a table which lists a number of browser based rich client runtimes and their install sizes along with which platforms they are available on and supported.

The runtimes covered include:

I have obtained the information from the runtimes’ websites. The download sizes are based on actual download size, and not the download size stated on the website (there were some discrepancies). Sections that are blank indicate that there is no supported runtime available for that runtime / platform combination.

Flash Player 10 Silverlight 2 Silverlight 3 (4) JavaFX 1.1.1 (2)

Windows 98/ME 1.5 MB

Vista / XP 1.8 MB 4.7 MB 6.2 MB 15.53 MB

Mac Intel 5.5 MB (1) 7.4 MB 12.3 MB *(3)

Mac PPC 5.5 MB (1)

Linux 3.8 MB 19.24 MB

Solaris x86 3.6 MB 19.96 MB

Solaris Sparc 4.1 MB 23.50 MB

(1) Universal Binary
(2) Included with Java offline install
(3) No offline install (could not determine size)
(4) Beta

Here is a table showing the average sizes for the platforms where the runtime is available:


Flash Player 10 Silverlight 2 Silverlight 3 JavaFX 1.1.1


3.65 MB 6.05 MB 9.25 MB 18.75 MB

If you find any errors or omissions, please leave them in the comments.

Update : Edited to make it clearer that this compares browser based rich client runtimes (i.e. runtimes that install into the browser).

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