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ActionScript 3 API Service on Google App Engine

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have just uploaded a new ActionScript 3 reference / online documentation API to Google App Engine. Basically, the service takes an ActionScript 3 class name (or a fragment of a class name) and returns the URL for the online documentation for the specified class.

For example:



{"items": [
{"path": "String.html", "name": "String"}, 
{"path": "mx\/utils\/StringUtil.html", "name": "StringUtil"}, 
{"path": "mx\/validators\/StringValidator.html", "name": "StringValidator"}
"version": "flex3", "base_path": "http:\/\/livedocs.adobe.com\/flex\/3\/langref\/"}

All responses are returned as JSON encoded data.

Right now, it returns API information for Flash Player 9, Flex 3 and AIR 1.1. It is possible to add new API information.

You can read more information on the service page at:

Post any comments, questions, suggestions or bugs in the comments.

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