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Tons of new Flex / AIR articles and videos online

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Craig Goodman just sent out an email highlighting some of the new Flex and AIR content on the Adobe Developer Center.


Uploading files to a server from an Adobe AIR application
Explore different scenarios that leverage the Adobe AIR framework for uploading files from a user’s desktop to a remote server.

Mashing up Google Maps with Adobe AIR
Explore how to integrate web tools such as Google Maps with an Adobe AIR application.

Taking a Flex app to the desktop
Learn to use Adobe AIR specific features when deploying a browser-based Flex app to the desktop.

Communicating between Flex and .NET
Learn how and when to use the three most popular HTTP request/response mechanisms used for communicating between Flex and .NET, and get a practical comparison of the three.

Building a standalone Adobe AIR app on salesforce.com with Flex 3
Learn how to build a simple desktop Adobe AIR-based application that uses the Apex platform to access the salesforce.com infrastructure.


Rick Treitman, Buzzword / Virtual Ubiquity
Flex, AS3, deployed via Flash player (AIR version soon to come)

Anthony Franco, Discovery Channel`s Cancer Collage
Flash and Flex

Frog Design - Disney Travel Agent Application
AIR, Flex, and Flash and Photoshop CS3 for building comps

Alan Queen - Digimix
AIR, Flex and ActionScript 3

John Wu - Ora Time and Expense Tracker
AIR, HTML, JavaScript, EXTjs framework

Ed Finkler - Spaz.AIR
AIR, HTML, JavaScript

Tm Bray and Robert Cadena, Searchcoder Dashboard
AIR, Flex and LiveCycle Data Services

Marc Hughes, AgileAgenda
AIR, Flex, PHP

Josh Hirsch, Big Spaceship / HBO
AS3, Flash, FLV, Photoshop (comps), After Effects, Papervision

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