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Rules Section 2.2

Pre-Round Sequence

  1. Flip Counters to fresh sides.
  2. Smoke : Reduce or remove.
  3. Reset CAPs : Deduct one per casualty.
  4. Action Cards : Take card(s) if called for.
  5. Target Off-Board Artillery for next turn's resolution.
  6. Resolve Off-Board Artillery targeted last turn.
  7. Prepare Reinforcements
  8. Roll for New Round Initiative
Rules Section 2.0

Turn Steps

During a player's turn, he may take one action, stall or pass.



A player may stall and take no actions by paying 1 AP or 1 CAP.


A player may take no actions and pass at no cost. Any activated units are immediately marked as spent. A player may take future actions, provided his opponent does not also pass and end the round.

Rules Section 2.2


Attack Value (AV)

AV = Fire Power + 2D6 + CAPs (6.4)

Defense Value (DV)

DV = Defense Rating + terrain DM (6.5)


AV ≥ DV = 1 Hit (6.2)

AV ≥ DV + 4 = 2 Hits (destroyed)

Close Combat (CC)

+4 FP (6.6.3)

-2 FP if FP has a white box under it.

All close combat fire is against a defender's flank.

Short Range Fire

+3 FP (6.6.2)

Target is one hex away.

Long Range Fire

-2 FP (6.6.1)

Target is > range, but < range * 2.

General Game Play

Command Points (CAPs)

All dice rolls may be modified up to 2 points. (3.2.3)


Each rally attempt costs 5 AP. (7.1)

2D6 ≥ rally # on hit counter = successful rally.

+1 rally modifier when unit in +1 DM or greater cover.

+1 rally modifier per un-hit unit in same hex.

Unit may not rally if enemy unit is in same hex.

Line of Sight

Units do not block line of sight. (4.1)


Units at higher elevation have +1 DM and +1 FP. (4.2.1)


Tank Arc of Fire

+1 AP for turreted fire outside of arc. (6.1)

Fire at Transported Units

Simultaneous against vehicles and transported unit. (5.4.1)

Vehicle Cover

+1 DM per vehicle to non-transported infantry squads. (6.7.1)


Always hit defenders flank DR. (9.2)

Air Burst - No DM for foot units in woods hexes.

May fire from woods and building hexes.

Hidden Units
  • Open Terrain : Reveal if within 2 hexes of enemy.

    +6 AP to move hidden unit. (5.5)

  • Cover Terrain : Reveal if in same hex as enemy.

    +3 AP to move hidden unit.


Rules Section 4.0

Fortifications and Defensive Counters

Rules Section 4.4

Foot Movement

Wheeled Movement

Tracked Movement

Terrain DR Modifiers

Blocks LOS?

Cover Terrain



Move Backwards

+1 AP for foot, wheeled and tracked movement. (5.3.1)

Backwards movement negates vehicle open/road bonus movement.

Moving backwards with foot units is considered a cautious move.

Optional Rules

Non-Cover Terrain Foot Movement Penalty

+0 AP foot movement. (5.1.1)

-1 DM for foot units.

Cautious Foot Movement

+1 AP for foot movement. (5.1.1)

0 DM for foot units.

Cautious movement taken by foot units in non-cover hexes.

Cancels the -1 DM open terrain foot movement penalty.


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